Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (Public Organization) (HAII)

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Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (Public Organization) or HAII is a public organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology with main responsibilities in developing and applying science and technology to support better agricultural and water resource management.

Thailand has long encountered a variety of water-related problems such as water scarcity, flood, and water pollution in every region, which interfere the economic and social growth of the country.  With agriculture being the backbone of Thailand’s economy, the proper management of water resource is undeniably critical.

Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute was originally established by the initiative of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, with support from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and working closely with the Office of the Royal Development Projects Board (RDPB) and Thailand Research Fund (TRF), to help develop a coherent plan to improve water resource management in Thailand.  This collaboration set up the process of data gathering and forming research and development network among various organizations to collectively contribute in all aspects of water resource management.

A program of Thailand Integrated Water Resource Management (TIWRM) and Agricultural Information Network (AIN) was later established in 1998 as a special project under NECTEC to introduce Information Technology to water resource and agricultural management.  On 1st January 2009, HAII has become a public organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology by Section 187 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand and Section 5 of the Public Organization Act B.E. 2542.

HAII is equipped with a team of experienced IT professionals, scientific researchers and enthusiastic talents.  We commit to deliver the most viable solutions with new technology initiatives for water resource management.  Strong partnership with other organizations ensures the synergistic collaboration and contribution to greater benefits for all.  Together, we build a learning organization that relentlessly grows.  Some of our outstanding achievements are:

1.    Mobile Telemetering: Equipment used to determine physics, chemical, and biological denomination, e.g. noise level, temperature, humidity, PH balance, oxygen level, as well as imaging and system status. The system automatically submits the captured data to a specific destination via General Packet Radio Service (GPRS).  Mobile Telemetering is easy to install and very efficient for usage in remote areas.
2.    Water Resource Management Model: Appling mathematic model in an operational level such as computing water basin, water flow speed, and flooding scale on the river bank by using these information along with existing output from water drainage, distribution and reserve plan to manage our water resources.
3.    Internet GIS: Using a combination of Internet technology and Geographic Information System (GIS) to analyze the information, and a combination of GIS and MIS (Management Information System) provides an efficient system of information management.
4.    Knowledge Technology: Applying the concept of Wikipedia, the online-encyclopedia, to link and integrate different pools of knowledge and conception together, enabling the boundless expansion of learning and intellectuals. This concept brings together the benefits of information categorization, writing principles, computer science and inquiry/search mechanism into a robust knowledge technology.

1.    To conduct research and development of science and technology, including collect, synthesize, and analyze data in respect to agricultural and water resource management;
2.    To disseminate the research and development outcomes to other agencies for the efficiency improvement in agricultural and water resource management;
3.    To promote the research and development collaboration, nationally and internationally;
4.    To expand the services and disseminate the research and development outcomes, accessibly and effectively, to the benefits of others.

Address:  8th Floor, Bangkok Thai Tower, 108      
                 Rangnam Rd., Phayathai, Ratchatewi
                 Bangkok 10400 Thailand
Tel:           +66(2) 642 7132
Fax:          +66(2) 642 7133



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