National Science and Technolgoy Development Agency (NSTDA)

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National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), an autonomous state agency that is responsible for driving the scientific and technological capabilities of Thailand, has its role in helping Thailand prosper in the increasingly competitive global economy by enabling the industry and agriculture sectors to do things better through superior capabilities and capacity using science and technology.

With research being key to innovation, NSTDA’s roles in the promotion of science include research and research funding, technology transfer, human resources development and S&T infrastructure.  To strive for R&D excellence, NSTDA sees the critical importance in close collaboration and cooperation with academic institutes, other government agencies and industries, domestically and internationally, that are relevant to the national missions.

Working under the theme called ‘Fast Forward’ to focus on accelerating innovation, NSTDA is working closely with other government agencies and universities to get Thai scientists directly involved in the needs of agriculture, healthcare, and industry.      

Faster Forward with the Pace of Change
With an ultimate goal of becoming a knowledge-based society, Thailand sees an opportunity in the midst of an economic crisis where science, technology and innovation play a vital role in our sustainable and long-term economic turn-around and growth.  With our abundance in agricultural resources combined with our strategic geographical location, education and research is inevitably the essential tools in our translation, transformation and enhancement of the indigenous resources to the many products of demands and in the fiercely competitive global market. 

Make Domestic Consumption Top Priority  
NSTDA’s R&D stronghold in the areas of agriculture and food through its four National Research Centers ranges from seeds, rice, cassava, algae, post-harvest processing, greenhouse, longer shelf life food packaging for export, to agricultural produce quality assurance.  Advancement in biotechnology for probiotics, neutraceutical foods, herbal medicine, pharmacogenomics is also expected to contribute to the growth of the functional foods industry.   

NSTDA’s contributions, in partnership with other governmental and academic institutions, include cracking the code of jasmine rice genes; drought, flood and salinity-resistant rice varieties; smart greenhouse; smart farming; new environmentally-friendly chemicals for processing of liquid latex; and seed improvement technology, help boost productivity in the agriculture sector.  Some of those technologies have been transferred to the rural agricultural communities for their self-reliance.  Others are prototyped products that are made affordable and/or accessible to farmers.  Some have been licensed, transferred and ready for commercialization.

NSTDA helps Thailand prosper in the global economy by enabling the industry, agriculture and services sectors to do things better through superior capabilities utilizing Science and Technology.  Research contributions and capability building are accomplished by promoting and pooling our strengths together through four national research centers: National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC), and one Technology Management Center (TMC).  Close collaboration with other government agencies, universities, and the private sector leads to valuable strategic partnerships and innovation alliances   NSTDA and its Centers are operated by more than 2,500 scientists, researchers and support staffs. The goal is to accelerate and streamline the transition from research to a marketable product.

NSTDA has four affiliate National Research Centers and one dedicated to Technology Management.  All focused on building Thailand’s S&T capacities where research is the foundation for our future.

Platform focuses are:
•    BIOTEC – Genomic Technology & Cell Factory Technology
•    MTEC –  Design and Simulation for Materials and Manufacturing & Materials Design and Production
•    NECTEC – Sensor Technology, Knowledge Engineering Technology, & Information Security Technology
•    NANOTEC –  Nanocoating, Nanoencapsulation, & Functional Nanostructures
•    TMC – Technology transfer and commercialization of discoveries and technologies

Thailand Science Park Office
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