Vision, Mission and Values

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"Be the principle agency in developing science, technology and innovation for the purposes of solving the country's socio-economics problems and enhancing its long-term competitive capacity"


1. Recommend integrated policies and strategies on science, technology and innovation for affiliated agencies and related organizations.
2. Initiate, advance, drive and manage R & D in building knowledge with socio-economic impact.
3. Develop human resource capacity in science, technology and innovation at all levels
and raise public awareness and acceptance of science, technology and innovation.
4. Develop fundamental infrastructures, supportive systems and mechanisms to facilitate intelligence creation and for value enhancement in the manufacturing and social sectors though knowledge bases in science, technology and innovation.
5. Support innovation and technology transfer in the manufacturing and service sectors, including improving  productivity and quality of life through science, technology and innovation services.

Core Values

M = Merit & Modernization
O = Outcome-Oriented
S = Social Accountability
T = Transparency & Teamwork

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