Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) organizes ”Talent Mobility Fair 2015” in northeast region. Korn Kaen University supports Talent Mobility Program by formulating regulations to serve lecturers and researchers working for private sectors, initiates

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         31 August 2015 at Centara Hotel and Convention Center, Korn Kaen: Dr.Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister of Science and Technology presides over “Talent Mobility Fair 2015” in northeast region under cooperation between MOST by National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Office(STI) and Korn Kaen University Science Park to expand Talent Mobility Program into local in order to promote and support science and technology personnel and also government and university management for implementation to increase competitive capability of production and service sectors. This fair has VIP guests to attend for example Mr.Kumthorn Tawonsatit, Korn Kaen Governor, Mr.Kanop Sujikara, Deputy Managing Director of

Tanaosree Thai Chicken Co.Ltd., Asst.Prof.Dr.Poolsak Koseeyaporn, STI, Prof.Dr.Supachai Pathumnakul, Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer of korn Kaen University and Assoc.Prof.Dr.Monchai Duanjinda, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture including lecturers, entrepreneurs and public more than 300 participants.

            Minister of Science and Technology says that after the cabinet’s reshuffle, Prime Minister has changed MOST from social ministry to be economic ministry. It’s important to show that science, technology and innovation can increase value-added products and upgrade living quality of small and new entrepreneurs. When private sectors increase R&D and science, technology and innovation work so it is essential to have enough manpower. Therefore, Talent Mobility Program will be most beneficial for business, industrial and service sectors to develop the production process and innovation which lead to national economic development and drive Thailand from middle-income country to high-income and developed country.

            Korn Kaen Governor says that this program, organized today, is like Talent Mobility Open House to increase competitive capability of northeastern private sectors and to be platform for potential performance of R&D on science, technology and innovation personnel in universities and research institutes. It is honor to have Minister to preside this event and to give special speech in the topic, “Talent Mobility, the important step to increase competitive capability of private sectors and Action Plan on National Science, Technology and Innovation Development”.  It has many interesting activities, not only researchers’ sharing experiences on joint-working with industrial sectors but also matching cooperation between science, technology and innovation personnel and private sectors including research results display from Korn Kaen University, ready to extend for business and also shopping innovation products with reasonable price.

            Prof.Dr.Supachai Pathumnakul, Vice President of Korn Kaen University as Director of Northeastern Science Park mentions that this fair today has the objective to build awareness on Talent Mobility Program and mechanism to support science, technology and innovation personnel mobility from universities and government research institutes to work in order to increase competitive capability in private sectors. This fair has the exhibition of the Northeastern Talent Mobility Clearing House and successful research results of R&D cooperation between the academic institutes and entrepreneurs and also the extensible research results of academic institutes in industrial sectors.

            Prof.Dr.Supachai , also says,” Talent Mobility Program of Korn Kaen University cooperates with MOST to propel lecturers and researchers to work with private sectors. In this matter, the university’s regulation are formulated to serve the researchers’ benefits. To work with private sectors while they feel the same as working in universities. This program makes cooperation between universities and private sectors more intensive.”


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