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The National Science Museum (NSM) was founded to be the organization responsible for the development and management of the Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Information Technology Museum and Rama 9 Museum.  All museums are located in Technopolis, Khlong 5, Khlong Luang, PathumThani. NSM’s mission is to develop learning resources in science, technology and biodiversity for Thai society through science communication, activities, research and development and various educational programs that enhance knowledge, understanding, attitude, skill, procedure, conscience and imagination. The museums will also seek to encourage the active participation of individuals in the development of science and technology to support and sustain the development of the nation.

NSM Museums:
Science Museum: The first museum of NSM that was developed to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 60th birthday anniversary in 1992. The unique structure of the Science Museum reflects a fascination with science and technology.  A collection of three huge cubes standing on their points, joined along the edges, formed the most spectacular of the buildings. Its 10,000 sq.m. exhibition area displays more than 250 hands-on exhibits and models about science and technology in everyday life.  Its interactive concept introduces visitors a fun learning experience and to encourage a lifelong learning.  The museum display is divided into 6 levels.

Natural History Museum: Introduces knowledge about the evolution of life and the diversity of living creatures ranging from single cell organisms to the animal kingdom.  Life sized models of all sort of plants and animals with a particular focus on the species available in Thailand are displayed on 3,000 sq.m. exhibition area to offer a learning experience for the public.  The museum also preserves a large collection of specimens from nature and serves as the country’s center of reference for taxonomy and biodiversity research.

Information Technology Museum: Provide the visitors with an understanding of the basic principles of communication, computers, networks and information technology as well as to demonstrate how research and development can lead to new inventions.  The museum also showcases technological advancement in these technologies to inspire creativity and imagination of our youth towards for the future world.

Rama 9 Museum: In 2007, the Rama 9 Museum project was approved as a commemorative project of His Majesty King Bhumipol’s 80th Birthday Anniversary.  The museum will introduce His Majesty’s systematic problem solving approach and self-sufficiency principle which can result in simple but effective solution to the major problems of the country.  Case studies on His Majesty the King’s projects in preserving and managing natural resources especially water and soil will be used to inspire the visitors to follow his principle to improve the quality of their life and the environment.

NSM Science Square: In 2009, a new NSM’s learning center has been set up at Chamchuree Square in the city center as a joint project of NSM and Chulalongkorn University. Housed on the 4th and 5th floors of the mall, the center is called “NSM Science Square”. It is aimed at providing an oasis where families and young people can spend a fascinating and enjoyable time discovering the amazing world of daily life science and cutting edge technology. All kinds of science programs and facilities are offered such as science shows, science dramas, family science experiments, science library and science shop.  Exhibitions from Thai and international agencies world-wide, illustrating advancement in science and technology as well as current hot issues are displayed through hands-on exhibitions, artistic photo gallery, and special thematic exhibitions.  NSM Science Square is to be a life-time learning center that offers an intellectual choice by city people for their free time.

Research Fields: NSM has designated two areas as our main research focus; science communication and biodiversity.  To ensure that our mission in promoting the public awareness of science can be achieved, NSM pursues working at a professional level in communicating science and cooperating with universities in improving our effectiveness through visitor study and evaluation. As the national center for biodiversity and natural science, NSM will invest continuously our resources to put together the knowledge of natural science in Thailand for the use of conservation and preservation for the future.

Educational Activities: NSM organizes various types of activity related to science, technology, and biodiversity such as Science shows and drama, Science cultural camps, Science laboratory, Science walk rally, Science competition, Outreach program which includes Science caravan and Kinder Science, Professional Development and Teacher training, and National Science Events

International Collaboration: NSM believes in partnership and actively participates in both domestic and actively participates in both domestic and international collaboration projects. We are an active member of museum networks and continuously work on various cross country projects such as science camps science competitions and exchanges of exhibitions.  We believe that science has no boundaries and through knowledge and cultural sharing our people will grow in harmony.

Visitor and General Information
Opening Hours:     
09.30 am. – 04.30 pm, Tuesday to Thursday
09.30 am. – 05.00 pm, Friday to Sunday
Closed on Monday
Admission: Free for children and students with a certified  identification card, and 50 Baht for adult

Address:  Technopolis Khlong 5, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120, Thailand
Tel. :        +66(2) 577 9999  
Fax :         +66(2) 577 9900  
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