The Ministry of Science and Technology, NSTDA, and Autodesk Join Hands to advance Digital Manufacturing in Thailand

Created on Monday, 30 May 2016 Published Date Written by NARUEMOL RATTANASUWARN

Industry - wide adoption of Autodesk design and collaboration software to boost manufacturing competitiveness and benefit up to 100,000 engineering professionals.


 NSTDA , The Ministry of Science and Technology, and Autodesk signed MOU


Bangkok, May 25, 2016 - The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), The Ministry of Science and Technology, and Autodesk today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to help advance Thailand’s Manufacturing competitiveness trough industry-wide adoption of leading edge 3D technologies and digital manufacturing capabilities.

Dr.Pichet Durongkaveroj, Ministry of Science and Technology said, “Thailand will need to adapt in this 21st century world from Thailand 3.0 model to a Thailand 4.0 model in order to advance Thailand further into develop country. This is support Thailand in changing country with middle income to high income moving the economy from one that operates on performance to one that progresses trough innovation. One of the initiatives and mechanisms for moving into an economy of Thailand 4.0 is through the use of technology in Industry 4.0 which will adopt the greater use of digital technologies in manufacturing. A special element of this is the ability to directly connect the needs of consumers to the manufacturing progress , which implies that larger factories would not necessarily  be a competitive edge or limitation for operators any longer. This phenomenon will indeed have and immense impact on the economy’s infrastructure.”

Dr.Taweesak Koanantakool, President of NSTDA said, “Manufacturing is critical to our economy. Digital manufacturing technologies and talent development will propel Thailand forward in a highly competitive market. The Digital Manufacturing Platform powered by Autodesk Technologies will help local prayers increase the pace of innovation, and promote connectivity and collaboration in alignment to the government’s digital Economy goals.”

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 NSTDA , The Ministry of Science and Technology, and Autodesk signed MOU 

Mr.Rama Tiwari, Regional director of sales, Autodesk ASEAN said, “Technologies like the internet of things, augmented and virtual reality, robotics and additive manufacturing are disrupting the industry. The Digital Manufacturing Platform gives local talent and companies the tools to platform every link in manufacturing value chain, and the opportunity for Thailand to lead in the future of making things."






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