GISTDA has operated the Project

Created on Friday, 19 February 2016 Published Date Written by neeranutch


GISTDA has operated the Project to create the database of village area used as reference for obtaining the basic benefits of the villager at Mae Lan Na Subdistrict, Long District, Prae Province, geospatial technology for area management is adopted as a tool used by the relevant authorities for accuracy managing area. GISTDA by Gen. Dr. Vichit Satharanond, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility policies, and GISTDA staff tracked down the operation performance and shared their opinions with the Mae Lan Na Municipality Subdistrict, including the community leaders who have benefited from the operation.





Translator : Mr. Thawesak Namueangrak(T)

Information and Communication Technology Center(ICTC)

Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST)

Tel. 02 333 3840


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