NECTEC organizes ”NECTEC ACE 2015” promotes the concept “A Driving Force to an Innovation Economy”

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16 September 2015: Dr.Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister of Science and Technology presides over the opening ceremony “NECTEC Annual Conference and Exhibitions 2015” under the concept “NECTEC: A Driving Force to an Innovation Economy” organized by National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) of National Science and Technology Development Agency(NSTDA) at Holiday Inn Bangkok, Sukumvit 22, Bangkok.

Dr.Pichet says that under the concept “ A Driving Force to an Innovation Economy” harmonized with the national situation now . It emphasizes on balance the national development with innovation which lead to 3 dimensions growth: sharing growth, value-added growth and friendly-environmental growth.

This exhibition today harmonizes with the national situation and the government’s policies which emphasize on the importance of national development with sustainable social and economic strengthening by accelerating R&D capability on science and technology of the country. It should promote and support sufficiently R&D investment in order to serve the national requirement, including enhancing research personnel and creating both domestic and international research networks for agricultural, industrial and business sectors for social and people’s benefits. It shows that agencies under MOST support to solve the important problems of the country and operate according to the government’s policies to develop and promote science, technology and innovation application to drive sustainable development.

This exhibition is like to integrate science and technology through innovation economy, to upgrade Thailand out of middle income trap and to return happiness to Thai people in every sectors.

This event exhibits the research results by dividing into zoning as follows:

-Innovation economy: research results for value-added economy of the country

-Innovation for society: research results for upgrading better living quality

-The research results on the sprouting through growing project: IT research results, extended to software computer program, which are applicable.

In addition, the topics of technical seminars are as follows:

1. The survival of SME with Thai printed electronics technology

2. Agricultural Zoning Optimization

3. Create business opportunity with internet of thing cloud platform (Internet of Things)

4. The future of Thai Speech-to-Text innovation beyond smart phones

5. Innovation for better life

6. Web accessibility and mobile accessibility standard

7. Life-time learning with ICT technology for marginal people

8. Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics Special Session


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