“General Prayuth” presides over “Medical Innovation of Thailand” more than 1,000 innovation results produced by Thai innovators and drive Thailand to be ASEAN center

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          18 August 2015, General Prayuth Chan-Ocha, Prime Minister presides over “Medical Innovation of Thailand” products from medical innovation concept. Prof.Dr.Yongyuth Yuthavong, Deputy Prime Minister gives report speech and Prof.Rajata Rajatanavin, Minister of Public Health gives welcoming speech. Dr.Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister of Science and Technology and Dr.Thaweesak Koanatakool, President of National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) participate this event.  Medical Innovation of Thailand is organized by cooperation among Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), NSTDA and National Health Security Office at Hall 9, Impact Forum, Muangthong Thani, Nontaburi Province.

          Prime Minister says that” Medical Innovation of Thailand” is the first time meeting among Thai innovators, investors, medical and health supporting agencies to increase opportunity of business matching, to drive national development potential, to support research budget not less than 1% of GDP and to increase  proportion of government-support sector per private sector 30:70. It also support to establish Thai Medical Innovation List and to create government innovation market to be commercialized and drive Thailand to be ASEAN Medical and Health Center.  Additionally, national innovation system is the important concept to develop national potential and links to other systems for example the macroeconomics system, educational system, information technology and communication infrastructure and also market situation of products and production factors. Government’s policies emphasize on the extended research and innovation creation, applied to modern production and services.

          In this matter, General Prayuth assigns MOST and Ministry of Public Health to search and operate the rubber utilization, including to produce medical instruments for household uses for the out-patients because of the high expenses of the in-patients.

          Prof.Dr. Yongyuth says that the objective of this event is the meeting among innovators and medical and health innovation user which make the creative and applicable results, reduce import products, promote people to access health need and make Thailand to be ASEAN Medical and Health Center in the future. The target groups attend not less than 3,000 people from advanced registration which can be divided into 4 groups: 1.innovative inventors both private and government sectors and academic institutes    2.medical innovation users both government and private hospitals and health centers of local administration  3.government sectors and agencies concerned with medical and health support innovation  4.people interested.

          Prof.Rajata says that Medical Innovation of Thailand today is in more advance with products from Thai inventors’ capability but it has not integrated among inventors, government agencies, investors, private sectors, users’ requirement and systematic government promotion. This event is an important step to stimulate and to promote the opportunity to meet and exchange opinions between every sectors concerned and create inspiration for new inventors.  Dr.Rajata hopes that this event is beneficial for the country to build human resources, create innovation which promote the advanced economy served the objectives to organize this event and drive to good quality of health and life for everyone which is the main objective to develop the country to stability, prosperity and sustainability.

          Medical Innovation of Thailand is held during 18-20 August 2015 and shows 1,000 innovation results produced by Thai inventors and attended by more than 3,000 participants. The outstanding innovation for instance house for the elderly, operation robot system, Dinsow Mini(robot hospital care for the elderly), robot for autistic teaching and nano-ambulance, etc.


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