Thailand proceeds to collaborate with ASEAN to establish working group to improve water resources information preparation for climate change and disaster prevention.

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          24 May 2015, Dr.Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister presides  ”Science, Technology and Innovation Workshop on ASEAN Water Management System” which organized by Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute in “The 69th ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology :ASEAN COST at Movenpick Resort and Spa Karon Beach, Phuket.

          MOST by Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute is Thai agency responsible for water resources management which is one of 8 thematic tracks of “Krabi Initiative”.  “Krabi Initiative” was the outcome of the meeting hosted by Thailand, ”The 6th Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology: IAMMST” and “The 60th ASEAN COST” which organized in December 2010 at Krabi. At that time, ASEAN Minister endorsed “Krabi Initiative” which was the framework to formulate”ASEAN Plan of Action on Science, Technology and Innovation: APASTI 2015-2020”. Therefore Thailand organizes,”Science, Technology and Innovation Workshop on ASEAN Water Management System”.

          Now the ASEAN countries are effected by natural disasters for instance in 2014, Southwest of Pacific Ocean faced 30 storms, more than 500 people in ASEAN countries died and destructive value more than 8.38 thousand million dollar. Thailand also faced the invasion of seawater and the quantity of fresh water in Bhumibol and Sirikit Dam were very low. This effect seawater overflowed into the agricultural areas and water supply sources.   Every ASEAN countries are interested to jointly consult on water management in order to exchange knowledge, operation and also extend through learning each other in regulation, organization and technology management.

          This meeting hopes to have consensus to formulate website of each country which links together. Thailand has already arrange  If the same standard website of every countries have be made, they can mutual help and warn disasters and also exchange effective knowledge on water resources management.


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